Jeffrey Hein

An oil painter known primarily for figurative subjects, especially females, Jeffrey Hein also does religious subjects, influenced by his Mormon religion.  He grew up in New York City where, as a child, he showed early talent and interest in art but never pursued it because of lack of family encouragment and cultural influences.  As a result, he was a married adult living in Utah and recovering from testicular cancer before he pursued painting.   Positive factors for his career were that he was away from his parents' negative attitudes about artists, and he had received a scholarship to study art at the University of Utah. 

As of 2006, he had gained gallery representation and was working out of a 2,000 square foot studio in the business district of Salt Lake City.  Of his religious works, he says:  "The only reason I do these religious paintings is because they're payback.  I'm very Christian, and that was a big part of getting throught the cnacer, and now it's my way of giving back." In Salt Lake City, the market is good for these paintings, which is one of the reasons he stays there instead of in a livelier potential market for his figurative works.

The goal to create a true “Modern Portrait” is the motivating force behind the artwork of Jeffrey Hein.  His work is intended to be a commentary on the current state of 21st Century painting and the state of humanity within the Modern Culture.

Hein’s modern portraits gesture towards the juxtaposition of the naturalist truths of traditional art and the untruths of modern art driven by our current technological age. Once the viewer moves beyond the elements of pop art imagery coupled with classical technique, the questions is then left for society to rethink its attitudes of polarizing classical and modern art.

Hein’s work seeks to redefine the sum of these ideas into an entirely new approach towards art, as a candid view of the organic and non-organic elements, which now define modern and contemporary life as we know it today.

Artist Statements:

“It is time to end the polarization of these two constants in art and realize that they are now working together in a parallel universe.  My work is proof that the natural form has in fact become one with technology.  The revelation that both states exist side by side is very exciting to me.  This is the evolving reality of the human condition.

My current work, as a whole, is a portrayal of this human condition. Through painting I question our dependency on technology while celebrating the beauty in the contrast of modern life.  I also deal with the question of our false perception of humanity due to modern innovation. Humanity today is one with, enhanced through, and distorted by technology, and I have embraced modernism and classicism in order to capture the complete modern picture.

My goal is also to show the relevance of both classical and abstract art in the modern world by creating work that clearly demonstrates a harmony between them.”



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